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THIEF MUSIC Unplugged hovedbilde


The door is always open at THE THIEF.

Concert starts 19:15 SHARP.—
Limited capacity – First comes first

THIEF Music Unplugged series showcases the work of today’s artists and introduces the stars of tomorrow. Our unplugged sessions expose the raw talent of your favorite artists.

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Mentum is a producer-trio from Norway, which musically creates a perfect mix between electro-pop and chill wave. With different musical upbringing, Finn, Tim and Sindre brings different expertise into the partnership, which provides a sound that perfectly blends various genres and simply makes extraordinary music. No other words are necessary!

Among other things, they look for inspiration in the 70s and 80’s disco, funk and classical pop.
Having met at the celebration of Norway’s national day in 2013, it has been steady work to develop and produce quality music to reach out into the big world.

The French radio station Teez FM gave a good description of their second single:
Their track “I Got You” is the perfect ratio of sexy R&B, trop house, and pop. Given its inherent ability to instigate a barrage of head bobs, the adjective “catchy” doesn’t even begin to describe how contagious this beat is.

Major labels already showed interest by the first single and got great upsurge in the US market, and charting number 1 on the viral charts in the Netherlands on Spotify, so there are no limits to the possibilities of Mentum!

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