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TOM HOUGHTON – LIVE hovedbilde
Nieu Scene


After an incredible break out year, the man who asked us “do you ski?” warms up for his first international tour, armed with even more outrageous takes, unbelievable tales, and biblical chat to leave you bowled over with laughter.

Having amassed a loyal fan base of over a half of a million followers the multi-viral, social media sensation is delving even deeper into his ludicrous life as he tries to smarten up the not so honorable aspects of himself. In an age where tradition and progress are wrestling against each other, what are the parts of ourselves that need shedding and what is worth holding on to?

As seen on Netflix’s The Circle and Comedy Central.

“Clever, passionate and soulful“ ★★★★★
The New European

“A twisted view of the world“ ★★★★★
The Sunday Express

“Get your tickets today. Tomorrow may well be too late. A Star is Born“ ★★★★★
One 4 Review

“This unexpected tour de force warrants a 21-gun salute“ ★★★★
The Daily Telegraph

“A crafty idiot “ ★★★★
The Daily Mail

“Now that’s class“ ★★★★
Fringe Guru


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