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Love, Disease and Healing – Family Constellations in Silence hovedbilde

Love, Disease and Healing – Family Constellations in Silence


Welcome to an evening with New Spiritual Family Constellations with constellator Gerhard Walper from Germany regarding illness, depression, physical or psychosomatic symptoms and addiction. To this Practice seminar of the Hellinger®lebenSchule, Hellinger®sciencia-training we invite everyone interested for exercises, meditations and constellations.

Diseases and symptoms catch hold of the body and it needs medical attention. The root causes are, however, often in the soul, because it suffers, is in disorder or unrest. Therefore, monitoring and supporting medical treatments, a treatment of the soul is needed too. It sets free internal forces that promote the healing process and sometimes even let appear the sense and the “blessing” of a disease.

The solution from entanglements with serious family fortunes, the stream of life from the roots, the farewell from early death and the right way to deal with personal or acquired guilt are the focus. But if we reduce diseases to their negative side, declare them as an enemy and “fight” them, we will miss their love and their hidden sense. Sometimes the soul waits for a disease. Then the disease itself is the “messenger of a more profound health”(Bert Hellinger) and wants to induce it. Thus it combines the individual, where we were cut off, or leads to insight, where respect and love were missing. Or it directs a family to an excluded person, to unresolved fate or denied guilt.

Here to physician and patient rethinking is necessary, so that ways to cure are found in tune with the disease and their hidden intentions, and the patient may turn back to health and life on a new and more profound way. Participants with different diseases can either do themselves a constellation of their family or the treating physician or practitioner, a partner or relative will do it for the sick person.

Constellator: Gerhard Walper . Familyconstellator since 1992, in close collaboration with Bert Hellinger since 1997. Organizer of Hellinger seminars, supervisions and training groups in Germany. Teacher at Jean-Monnet University in Brussels, trainer and constellator in several countries. He speaks English. More information about Gerhard and familyconstellations; www.taunus-institut.de (in German) and www.hellinger.com (in English)

Price: kr 500. (80 euro).

Location: Zen Bok & Musikk. Sporsveisgt. 29 Oslo.

Registration: to steffenrsvendsen@gmail.com. Your place is confirmed by payment to bank account: 6039 11 29056 – within 25.th February 2014.

Organizer: Steffen Rostock Svendsen, t. 48302155 – www.way-home.org.

Sporsveisgt. 29 Oslo
Zen Bok & Musikk

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