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Layin’ it on Thick: Leo Bugel hovedbilde

Layin’ it on Thick: Leo Bugel


On Friday, February 28th , 2014 Blank Space is opening its newest show, Layin’ it on Thick , featuring dozens of large and small scale paintings from the California artist Leo Bugel, from 18:00 – 21:00. Refreshments will be served.

About Layin’ it on Thick, Leo Bugel –

Layin’ it on Thick marks Leo Bugel’s first solo show since his graduation from The Academy of Art University in 2011, though his accomplishments didn’t stop there – featured in Southwest Magazine’s 21 Under 31 as well as Art Collector Magazine Leo has clearly gained some noticeable headlines. It’s no surprise though –with his unique sense of paint application with huge, broad strokes of a palette knife loaded with irresistible saturated colors combined with the geometric cityscapes that are both very California but yet so mystic that they could be anywhere. His pieces are beautiful in that they seem absorbed with light – you can close your eyes and pretend to feel the heat emanating from his 2-Dimensional sun; His choice of warm colors directly influenced, and emphasized, by the spot on values found in the huge and simple shapes dominating in his compositions.

Leo Bugel has also agreed to host a lecture, open to the public, during his stay in Oslo. The artist will be present at the opening reception February 28th, 2014 from 18:00 -21:00, for all questions and inquiries about him, his process, and his work.

About blankspace –

blankspace is an artist run facility that strives to fill the gaps present in the art world today, from artist to buyer as well as artwork to audience. They strive to open back up the transference of ideas from outsiders and strike down the exclusivity of art. While currently functioning primarily as a gallery that focuses on contemporary applications of traditional skills, they also offer workshops and classes to anyone, beginner or master, wanting to understand the craft better. In the future, they hope to expand to offer a full printing / painting studio to the public, as well as offer full-time courses in various fields of art. They will host discussions, lectures, and special exhibits from special artists across the world.

They are located 5 minutes from Oslo S by bus, in the up and coming district of Kværnerbyen.

To learn more, please contact:
Elizabeth Ramsey
Turbinveien. 3, 0195 Oslo
(+47) 46 76 45 67

Turbinveien 3

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