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Improsang workshop hovedbilde

Improsang workshop


En lekende dag med sang!

• Uttrykk deg gjennom sang! •
• Syng mens du går eller jobber •
• Improviser over et instrument- eller et vokal-akkompagnement •
• La deg inspirere av sanger! •
• Legg til rytme! •

Beskrivelse av en personlig opplevelse av Improsang:

** I always find the idea of improv a bit scary – I think of it as having to think of something on my own, experiencing vulnerability, rather than getting ‘directed’. The last workshop I did with Bree had a significant amount of improv and I have to say that it ended up being my favourite part! Bree led us into it gently, guided us from a place of knowing and I was able to find a very profound connection with my own voice, the songs we improvised and with the group as a whole. We even decided, after much discussion, to do an ‘improv’ as part of our performance – it was amazing and the audience was as moved by the experience as were the ‘performers’. I feel that improv is something new that is coming to birth as part of the human experience and with Bree as a ‘guide’ we can explore our vulnerability and creativity in a safe and nurturing environment.