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Gaia & Verkstedet Klinikk // Beauty Bootcamp April – June hovedbilde

Gaia & Verkstedet Klinikk // Beauty Bootcamp April – June


Beauty bootcamp for girls only!
Join the fun and boost your natural beauty, strength and confidence!

Gaia is sure that part of being the ultimate version of yourself, means having a healthy and balanced body and mind. Right nutrition and excercise is imporatant to be at your best!

Verkstedet Klinikk is by far the best at helping people increase their performance and quality of life. They are highly skilled in Foundation training – the hottest and most effective traning concept! Join the course and learn this amazing training and much more.

By attending Beauty Bootcamp, you will get:
8 hours of Foundation Training
A 3 hour workshop
A daily trainingprogram to improve your posture
Learn about intermittent fasting
DYI facial mask for a glowing look
DYI tooth whitiening paste
Learn about effective detox protocols
Nutrition plan and tips about supplements
Before and after picture

Every Wednesday at 19.30
From April 13th to June 1st

Verkstedet Klinikk
Inkognitogata 31, 0256 Oslo

Sign up : SMS BB2016 to 92441071

Any questions?
Contact Emilie at info@gaianorway.com

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