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Oslo Fire Jam hovedbilde

Oslo Fire Jam

Another Thursday, another day of flow!

We’ll meet and gather from around 7pm. Come early if you want to play in the sunset. When dark hits, we’ll light up the place!
The music jam will be organized with local musicians and you! :) Please bring your instruments, flow toys, fire tools and join the jam!

***Remember this is a place for your weekly spinning, NOT drinking! ***


Art of flow is inspired by object manipulation and the great art of playing together.

Please note that this is a community based gathering and a «leave no trace» event, the only exception is good vibes, which can be left all over the place! Bring your own firefuel if you would like to spin fire.

Basic rules of the Fire Pit:
1. No wandering in the «flow space»
2. No fire in the «Soaking area»
3. Drain your wicks before lighting up.
4 Fire blanket or a soaked towel for safety ( We’ll bring one
5. Never leave any trash or fire fuel behind.
6. Stay positive and have fun!

Lots of Love
-Art of Flow

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