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Comeback Kid m/ supp. Gust, LifesicK og City Keys hovedbilde

Comeback Kid m/ supp. Gust, LifesicK og City Keys


Endelig er Comeback Kid på vei til Oslo igjen! Denne gang sammen med tre megafete warm-up band, som gjør denne kvelden vel verdt turen! Sjekk ut!

Comeback Kid
Since dropping their debut full-length, 2003’s Turn It Around, COMEBACK KID has been an undeniable staple of the hardcore community. Each subsequent release has built upon the foundation of its predecessor while continually experimenting with and incorporating new musical elements from beyond the confines of modern hardcore.
Originally formed in 2000 by members of Winnipeg, Canada’s underground music scene, COMEBACK KID has amassed a catalog of five full-length international releases along with a live CD/DVD.
With their devout supporters behind them, COMEBACK KID played sold out shows all over the world, staying busy in 2013, performing on the Boys of Summer tour, Spring Break festival, Grozerock Fest, Pirate Satellite Festival, S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival, Amnesia Rockfest, Deichbrand Festival, Dour Festival, Resurrection Fest, Xtreme Fest, and Hevy Festival, and hundreds of shows in between.

«Trollhättan, Sweden-based GUST release their self-titled, sophomore LP via Southern Lord in September, a breakneck, nearly half-hour-long album displaying a unique style of crust-infused hardcore and talented songwriting from the young act.»
Earsplit PR.

Hatefull and depressive hardcore – inspirered by lifes up’s and down’s. verbal greif and riff’s that makes you want to kill yourself.
Straight outta hardcore city Fredericia. For the fans of Nails, Code Orange and Slayer. Signed on Southern Lord.

Born out ot the ashes of former Scandinavian tour machines, a new hardcore vessel rises: CITY KEYS (slang for bolt cutter). The members carry a history of being in bands with relentless touring and recording ethics.

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